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Tips, Tricks, and Tools

General tips

Did you make a change but don’t see it?
Hit the F5 button on your keyboard to refresh your screen or click on the Home tab in Skyward. Then go back to see your change.

Why do I need to clone a template or report?
You only need to clone a report when you want to change one of the settings or options in the template/report. NOTE: Some templates created in the previous year will not work in the current year. You will need to create a new template. 

Can't find a student record in Student Profile but can in Student Browse (or vice versa)?
The student record may be out of snyc. To snyc the record, edit the student's last name by adding an additional character (e.g. Smith to Smithy), save the record then edit the last name to the correct spelling (Smithy back to Smith). Check both Student Profile and Student Browse. The record will be in both locations. 

Do you know the keyboard commands to copy and paste information from one area to another?
Highlight the desired information. Hit the control key and "C" to copy the information. Place the cursor in the desired location. Hit the control key and V to paste the copied information.

Did you know that you can call 455-1004 and your call will ring on all 4 support lines?
The first available support staff will assist you.

Did you know when in Student Profile the menu on the left side of screen can be customized?
Look for the link Customized Tab. Click to open the option. Select and move modules by clicking and dragging the module name to the desire location.  

Did you know that there are short cut keys you can use in a field?  
In any date field you can click on the letter "T" and today's date will appear, click on the the letter "Y" and yesterday's date will appear and click on the letter "R" for tomorrows date.

Do you know about the New Window Feature?  
Create another session in a new window without changing the screen you are working in.  On the taskbar to the left of "my print queue" click on new window option.  A new window will appear you can now move anywhere in Skyward without losing the screen you were on.

Did you know you can easily look up Phone Numbers?  
Go to Advanced Features, Name Maintenance, Phone Number Lookup.  Enter the phone number you are looking for. 

Did you know you can select the color of the Skyward screens?  
On the main screen in the top right hand corner near the Exit click on Preferences. You can select the screen color as well as manage other areas of your screen.

Did you know that you can set Report Quick Print as a favorite?  
Click on the Quick Print button, right below the Run button click on the Make Favorite button. Now your favorite quick print is an option next to the bolded heading.

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