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RESA’s Truancy Office serves the seven public school districts within St. Clair County RESA’s boundaries, helping them enforce Michigan’s attendance laws and attendance policies set by each school district. Our goal is for all local students to regularly attend school and be successful in their educational programs.

RESA's Truancy Services work with local schools to:

  • Assist local districts with the enforcement of the Michigan Compulsory Attendance Law
  • Assist districts with attendance policies
  • Review cases and facilitate hearings, as needed, with students, parent/guardians, and school representatives
  • Petition the court when determined necessary
  • Act as the contact between the local schools and the St. Clair County Court System

Contact: Ari McCoy, 810-455-4146 /

Referral for RESA Truancy Services

To refer a student for attendance a school must:

  1. Complete the RESA Truancy Referral Form

  2. Provide an up-to-date Student Attendance Detail Report
  3. Include a Communication/Contact log with answers to the following questions:
  • Who from your building/district has contacted the parent/guardian about attendance?
  • What are the dates/times of that contact? (If unable to make contact, describe efforts or attempts)
  • When was a formal letter(s) sent to the parent/guardian? (Attach copies)
  • How have the student's absences impacted his/her success at school? (Such as failing to meet grade-level expectations, failing grades, missing assignments, etc.)
  • What additional supports have the school/district offered/provided to improve attendance?

Truancy Referral Form

(Includes a Communication/Contact Log)